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ONE PARK - OCT Happy Xiang Lake Master Plan, Nanchang, China


ONE PARK is a 44 hectare (110-acre) eco-tourism destination and mixed-use development for Nanchang and the growing micro-vacation trend in world-wide and in China. ONE PARK will be a cultural and entertainment destination integrating life, leisure, learning, the arts, shopping and play within an ecologically rich site on the west bank of the Xiang Lake Scenic Area within the Xihu District of Nanchang. ONE PARK includes a diverse program with over 1,000,000 m2 (10,000,000 sf) of commercial, cultural, wellness and hospitality development. Seventy-two percent (72%) of the site dedicated to open space making the landscape a large part of what will attract people. This presents the opportunity to create a landscape of experiences, a landscape that provides places for people to Gather, Relax, Interact and Explore. ONE PARK is composed of nine (9) key landscape spaces; 1) Celebration Park East; 2) Celebration Park West; 3) Celebration Plaza; 4) The Floating Forest; 5) Happy Boulevard; 6) The Wetland Art Park; 7) Qushui Bay Village; 8) Happy Park, and; 9) the Rain Forest Atrium, each with its own set of experiences, programs and characteristics. The “Experiential Landscape” is a leading-edge approach to design that elevates the landscape to the status of an attraction visa vi “experience”. It is designed to attract people of all ages and abilities from far and wide ensuring project commercial, cultural and ecological success and giving guests a reason to return again and again. The landscape defines the character and identity of the project relying on a fresh design aesthetic and simplicity creating spaces that are both fun and memorable while protecting, honoring and enhancing the beauty of the site’s natural resources and cultural heritage.

Landscape Conceptual Master Planning, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Document Review and Construction Phase Services.

OCT (Nanchang) Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Laguarda Low Architects

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44.42 hectares (110-acres)

Tree Preservation and Rescue, Public Transit Connectivity, Biofiltration, Water Quality Preservation, Habitat Creation, Storm Water Management, Cultural Preservation, Permeable Surfaces, Water Conservation through Native / Naturalized Plant Materials, Walking and Biking Connectivity, Reliance on Local Materials, Crafts and Trades