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Bellaire Urban Design and Beautification Conceptual Master Plan, Bellaire, Texas


Prime consultants leading a public workshop-based process for the renewal of Bellaire’s public realm, including urban design and beautification recommendations for multi-modal connectivity, green infrastructure, city identity, storm water management, transit improvements, urban elements design, and visioning of key destinations within the city. In principle, urban design and beautification recommendations:

1) Reinforce Bellaire as one city although subdivided by an interstate highway
2) Seek to establish brand clarity throughout the public realm
3) Create a vision for destinations within the city, destinations both urban and parks-based
4) Promote connectivity by walking and biking as well as auto and public transportation
5) Develop green infrastructure solutions that solve historic storm water management issues
6) Explore improvements in the public realm that lead to a social landscape

Conceptual Master Planning

City of Bellaire, Texas

City of Bellaire City Council, City of Bellaire Public Works Department, City of Bellaire Parks and Recreation Department, Citizens for a Beautiful Bellaire, City of Bellaire Planning and Zoning Commission, City of Bellaire Cultural Arts Commission, Evelyn’s Park Conservancy, Building and Standards Commission, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, Environmental and Sustainability Board

Date Complete:
December 2016

3.65 square miles, 2336 acres, 945 hectares

Storm Water Management through Low Impact Development, Storm Water Detention
Water Quality Enhancement through Biofiltration, Carbon Sequestration through Wetlands, Reduced Car Dependence through Walking / Biking Connectivity, Energy Resiliency through burial of Overhead Power Lines

Urban Design and Beautification Conceptual Master Plan
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