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The Bay Community, Qingpu District, Xicen, China


This suburban Shanghai 89-hectare water-based site was first developed by others in the early 1990’s. The partially constructed development failed and the site sat fallow for almost a decade. While dormant a beautiful natural ecosystem emerged creating habitat for herons and other water-based wildlife, as well as diverse native flora and fauna. Although the site was surrounded by manufacturing facilities, the master planning and design goal was to create a high-end residential community that transports its residents to another world, a world defined by a healthy, preserved natural landscape, a world where one can enjoy and be inspired by a connection with nature, as well as the fine art of architecture and design. Existing rivers were realigned, water was biologically filtered and joined with 49hectares of lakes resulting in water of a swimmable quality and 12 islands where development is concentrated. Villas on each island are designed by up-and-coming young architects following criteria established by FCJZ Beijing. The development program includes eighty-five, 600 to 1000 square meter homes on generous waterfront lots averaging 2400 square meters. A floating community center provides recreation amenities for residents, such as workout rooms, spa, entertainment facilities, swimming pools, tennis courts, marina, restaurants and guest rooms.

Times House – Golden Property, Villa Community of the Year, 2011

QingChen Real Estate, Ltd., Shanghai, China

SWA Group, Scott Slaney, FASLA, Design Principal, Principal-in-Charge

Prime Consultant for Development Master Planning and Conceptual Design. Phase One Common Spaces Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents Review and Construction Phase Services

QingPu and Xicen Planning Bureaus, Mayor of Xicen, City of Xicen / QingPu District Public Works, Transportation and Parks Departments, Adjacent Property Owners

Date Complete: 2012

Master Plan 222 acres (89 hectares), Phase One 40 acres (16 hectares)

Wildlife Habitat Preservation and Creation, Water Quality, Water conservation, Storm Water and Flood Management, Recycled Materials and Material Re-Use, Historic Tree Preservation, Walk and Bike-ability