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Guilin Taohua Bay Resort, Guangxi, China

Surrounded by the stunning Guilin mountain range, the Guilin Taohua Bay Eco-Tourism Community melds recreational tourism with agricultural productivity. Existing waterways are enhanced to create lush resort islands, designed to provide users with a relaxing waterfront lifestyle. Subtle landforms and terraced gardens elevate and shape the islands, augmenting the recreational experience while protecting against flood events. Existing agricultural activities are preserved in an agricultural park at the northern end of the site. Designed to serve as an emergency flood zone, the agriculture park is both public open space and productive landscape. Undulating paths welcome visitors to the park’s shore, creating a dynamic waterfront experience for island resort owners and the surrounding public. All design moves are made to highlight views and orientation towards the beautiful Guilin mountains, imbuing the development with a deep sense of place and history.

The design respects the existing site surrounded by mountains and adjoining a river, and brings the charm of a waterside village into full play. Different lengths of abounding rivers inside the community crisscross to naturally create various sizes of green islands. Wetland green belts create rarely seen, unique waterside village views and illustrate a prosperous, healthy and sustainable development concept of ecological agriculture community. Such a unique wetland green belt ensures privacy and security of the private residential area and plays a role in cleaning the water while integrating agricultural views and sense of place into the residential community.

Prime Landscape Design Consultant, Conceptual Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Phase Services

Ronghui Li (rendering specialist), Xuesong Li (local plant material specialist and local coordinator)

Client: Guilin Bichen Tourist Investment Co., Ltd. 

Area: 101.66 acres (41.14 hectares) 

Water Treatment and Filtration, Watershed Planning, Agricultural Tourism, Eco-Tourism, Open Space Preservation