landscape architecture · urbanism · planning

Yao Liu, Associate

A recent graduate of the Louisiana State University with a master’s degree in landscape architecture and an undergraduate education background of ecology and urban planning. Yao’s interdisciplinary academic and working experience have been enlarging her vision of urban life and enriching her understanding of landscape design. In Yao’s design practice, she focuses on evaluating the sustainable relationship between people and nature thoroughly, logically and dynamically. Also, she’s fascinated by the application of new technologies, architectural thinking and artistic conceptualization in an efficient and creative way, as well as achieving sustainability, presenting aesthetic quality and expanding the flexibility of spaces as significant parts of future urban experience. Yao was fortunate to have the opportunity to work on small to large scale projects. Some of her previous work experiences domestically include Duncan Plaza, The Power Field and The Cistern 1027 Water Museum. Internationally she participated in The Xi’an City Wall Park, Panjin Wetland Resort and Lucaowan Folk Custom Resort. Currently, with Terrain Studio, she is involved in The Longfor Hangzhou 88 Hotel, US 59 / I69 Competition and Xing Yuan New Town. She was also the recipient of the Helen Reich Memorial Scholarship from LSU. It is the inner eagerness to improve human’s living environment, as well as the belief in the beauty of nature, that motivates her to keep challenging herself in her design practices.