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Lisa Slaney, Controller

Lisa is the former Editor of the Shanghai Courier magazine. She repatriated to the Bay Area from Shanghai in June 2013. While in Houston, Lisa was a Principal at Slaney Santana Group. Philanthropy is also a primary focus in Lisa’s life, and she is devoted to making a difference in her community. Lisa has served as board member for her Home Owners’ Association and the Shanghai Expatriate Association, and has also held leadership positions in finance, fundraising, treasury and hospitality for various civic and charitable associations. Additionally, as a strong supporter of education, Lisa has chaired many project initiatives at her son’s elementary, middle and high schools, including the Literacy Club, the Writers in the School Program, and the Teacher’s Grant Program. Back in the Bay Area, Lisa has been with Terrain Studio since February 2014. With her appreciation of nature, photography, and the arts, Terrain Studio is an inspirational place for her to work, and help build a sustainable and environmentally-friendly profession.