landscape architecture · urbanism · planning

Yuening Pu, Landscape Designer

Yuening received her Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Architecture from Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University, and a Master’s of Fine Arts from the Academy of Art University. Since joining Terrain Studio in 2015, Yuening has worked on the Xingyuan New Town in Hanzhong and the Longfor Chongqing Mixed-Use Complex in China. Her current focus is the Hanzhong Xing Yuan Lake Theme Park North and South Waterways. Yuening is dedicated to creating innovative landscape environments that will benefit the local ecology and residents for generations. Growing up along the rivers and lakes of the Yangtze River delta, Yuening is particularly interested in creating well-designed spaces for people to explore, celebrate nature, and rediscover the historic and cultural importance along waterfront areas. Her design passion is to help create meaningful balance between development, the local population and the natural environment.